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A crisis with our food supply is happening, silently and sneakily, right now, right under our noses- corporations are being allowed to alter our food genetically (GMO) without any testing or concern for possible side effects to our health and the environment- the results to these unsupervised 'experiments' will be devastating to life as we know it- and we are the guinea pigs that will suffer the consequences. Ignorance of these events is not an excuse-

Become aware, get involved, DEMAND ORGANIC!

dont panic eat organic One of the BEST and most super delish restaurants in the New York area- Siggy's Good Food.

Bliss Cafe THE place in Williamsburg. Amazing food and awesome baked goods.

Without it, where are you? So, it's great to have dependable people who really care whether you can open your damn e-mail or not : ) For all your computer and internet needs, by the most conscientious guys on the virtual planet- sites, networks, remote access, whatever your company needs to grow- Muratek Technology. e


Life is beautiful, but when we forget, art reminds us. How
advanced a culture is is measured by the wealth of their artistic accomplishments, NOT by their monetary trappings- let us pray. lots of artists on the web, including CRUDO (groovy music and art

max yawney master photographer of original artwork and an amazing artist in his own right

Sometimes you need a break- here are some fun sites to surf- Blog from the guys bringing you the illest in reality TV and movies. Not just celebrity crap, okay, there is some celebrity crap, but lots of other stuff too. 
people in the wildest outfits, from special events and everyday encounter e-zine with everything hip and happening in New York